Managing Collaborators

Pay collaborator only when the order has a tag

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Use the advanced connected products feature to easily link products to collaborators with flexible options, including using tags, selected vendors and advanced splitting conditions.

  1. Go to CollabPay, go to “Collaborators”.
  2. Click a Collaborator.
  3. Scroll down to “Advanced Connected Products” and select the “Create advanced linking to products” button.

Split only when order has tag(s)

Selecting this option will create a payout split to the Collaborator only when an the an order has this tag. Multiple order tags can be assigned.

You can chose to assign the Collaborator a percentage split or a flat fee.

Order tags must be added in the “Add/edit order tags” drop down. These split conditions will then apply to all future orders.

Note: payout splits will occur when any one of the tags selected appears on an order.

To learn more please see the tutorial how to use order tags.