How CollabPay works

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CollabPay makes splitting profits with collaborators, affiliates and sales reps simple and easy.

CollabPay workflow from install to first payments:

Get CollabPay setup

  1. Install CollabPay
  2. Integrate to your eCommerce store
  3. Setup PayPal or Stripe to make payments
  4. Invite your collaborators
  5. Assign your collaborators to products and setup their revenue splits

CollabPay in action

  1. An order comes in and payment is made to your store
  2. CollabPay reads the order details, including:
    • Order total
    • Costs
    • Tags
    • Discount codes
    • Affiliate referrals
  3. CollabPay calculates a new order total by deducting costs (such as transaction gateway fees)
  4. CollabPay calculates how much to pay to your collaborators and creates a pending payout. This will be paid on a date specified by you.
  5. On the payout date, CollabPay instructs payment to be made from your PayPal or Stripe account to your collaborators
  6. Your collaborators are paid automatically and on-time

Order workflow and paying collaborators with CollabPay

Below is an example order, which breaks down the CollabPay workflow from the time an order comes into the store until a collaborator is paid.

In this example Order #123 comes in with a total of $25 USD.

CollabPay reads the order details, automatically recognises the tax amount, the shipping costs and the transaction gateway costs, and based on your settings regarding costs, calculates a new total.

Pending payouts are created for the products three collaborators, with each earning a different amount.

Payment is instructed via PayPal or Stripe and your collaborators are paid automatically and on-time, hassle-free.