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Email Templates

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Email templates can be edited in the CollabPay app at anytime.

  1. Login to CollabPay
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Click “Email templates”

These are only visible to store owners.

Currently there are two templates:

  • Collaborator invite email
  • Collaborator product sold email

Both templates provide dynamic variables that can be added to further customise the template.

Collaborator invite email

This template is sent when inviting a new collaborator.

This template has two available variables.

Invite URL – [invite_url] *REQUIRED
Collaborator name – [collaborator_name]

The Invite URL must be present on the email template to allow the collaborator to create an account.

An error will be displayed if the variable is not used.

When you are ready to use the template then simply set it as active then press the save button.

Collaborator product sold email

The template is used when a product of the collaborators is sold, this is an opt in email that the collaborator can enable/disable.

This template has three available variables.

Order number – [order_number]
Order URL – [order_url]
Collaborator name – [collaborator_name]

Send a test email

You are able to send a test email at any time. Simply click the send test email button and enter the email address you wish it to be sent to.

Looking to customise a different email? Let us know and we can add that template too.