How to Use the Order Tags in CollabPay

Published on 10 October 2022
Updated 5 December 2022
How to Use the Order Tags in CollabPay
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Enabling this setting only allows Collaborators to earn from orders that include the selected tags. If the order does not include any selected tags, no Collaborator will earn anything. The order tags need to be placed on the order before it is completed, not after.

It’s really important that you understand this setting before using it, because no one will earn anything if the orders do not include the selected tags.

How does it work?

This feature only works using Shopify.

Using this feature, you will need to place the order tag on the order before the order is finalised. If the tag was added to the order after the order was completed, CollabPay will not recognise it.

Enabling this setting will not affect any orders that were previously in the store. It will only affect orders from when the setting was enabled. If you want to automatically tag your orders as a customer places them, you can look into using any of these Shopify apps.

How to create the order tag to show in CollabPay

This only needs to be followed if you haven’t already had an order placed with that tag.

You will need to create an order that includes a tag before it shows up in CollabPay tag settings.

For a tag to show in the tag search box, it needs to have been on a previous order before the order was finalised. Please place a test order for $0.00 that includes the tag. You can do this by:

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
  2. Go to “Orders”
  3. Click the “Create order” button
  4. Add a product and include a 100% discount
  5. Add the Order tags you want
  6. Place the test order and then refresh the CollabPay app. Now the tag should show in the search box
order tags

How to automatically place order tags on orders

If you want tags to be automatically placed on orders without needing to do it manually, you can do this by using one of these Shopify apps:

shopify flow
mesa auto tag
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