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If an order is refunded, there are two ways it is handled in CollabPay. To view a refunded order:

  1. Login to CollabPay
  2. Go to “Orders”
  3. A refunded order will display a status of “Refunded”
  4. Click on a refunded order to open it.

Note; order refunds and cancelled orders are handled the same way.

Orders refunded before collaborator has been paid

If an order is refunded before a collaborator is paid then that payment will be removed from the collaborators pending payout.

In the order, the collaborator paid status will display “Item refunded – payout removed”.

Order refunded after collaborator has been paid

If an order is refunded after a collaborator has already been paid then a negative payout charge will be added to the collaborators active paid (a new payout will be created it there is not one).

The negative payout will show on the order under the collaborator “take”.

Collaborator negative payouts

The collaborator payout will appear negative in payouts after an item is refunded. The pending payout will be temporarily suspended until the collaborator payout is a positive value again.

For more information on collaborators refunded payouts, see payout refunds.