Setting Up Stripe

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Step 1 – Create or login to your Stripe account

Simply set up a Stripe account or use your existing Stripe account.

Step 2 – Setup Stripe Connect

Head over to Connect in Stripe.

Here you will run through the ‘Get started with Connect’.

Depending on your country this could be displayed differently.

Next complete your profile, this will be different per country.

Step 3 – Setting up Stripe Connect Branding

Go to the Stripe Connect settings page and choose Onboarding interface.

Click the customise button.

Enter your business name and upload an Icon.

Step 4 – Get the API key

  1. Go to your Stripe dashboard
  2. Click on “Developers” > “API keys
  3. Click “Create secret key” and copy the key into CollabPay

Step 5 – Add the API key into CollabPay

  1. Go to your CollabPay account (make sure you are logged into the Store owner account, not a Collaborator account)
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Go to “Payouts – Sending payments

Step 6 – Confirm Stripe Connect setup

If you have missed a step then errors will be displayed. See Errors for more information.

Step 6a – (optional) Allow collaborators to connect their own Stripe account

Back in your Stripe account, he over to the Stripe Connect Onboarding OAuth options.

Here you’ll need to enable OAuth for Standard accounts

Also add a redirect URI, click the ‘Add URI’ button and enter

Copy the Connect client ID from Stripe into CollabPay.

Enabling OAuth for Standard accounts

Your Stripe Connect profile could be under review and could take some time to be approved by Stripe.


Connect branding:

Step 7 – Customise how to pay collaborators

I want to pay collaborators using my Stripe balance.
This is ideal when Stripe is your payment gateway and you always have funds in your Stripe account. Stripe will only be able to draw funds from your balance and not any connect bank account or cards.

I want to pay collaborators using my bank account or my card. (Currently in early access, request access today)
Pay your collaborators directly from your bank account or card.

How this works:
CollabPay will connect with your bank / card and draw funds when paying collaborators.


Click the add payment method in Stripe – this will send you to Stripe to choose a payment method.

CollabPay never stores any of your bank or card information that is all handled by Stripe.

Enabling payment methods:

Head over to Stripe payment methods setting and enable ones you like:

Here you able able to enable bank debits, depending on your country you’ll be provided different options.

Choosing payment method in CollabPay:

CollabPay will now change the selected payment method and transfer the funds to your collaborator.

Step 8 – Inform collaborators to connect to your Stripe

Once the above steps have been completed collaborators are able to connect to your Stripe account. In-depth guide can be found here.


  • Can I use my Stripe account linked to Shopify?
    No, “Shopify Payments, Powered by Stripe” is a managed account, controlled by Shopify. You are not able to control it.

  • Do I need to have a balance in Stripe in order to pay collaborators?
    Yes, you must have a balance is Stripe in order to pay collaborators. Stripe will not take money from connected credit cards / bank accounts to transfer funds to collaborators.
    If you are in the U.S you can instantly fund your Stripe Connect account.

  • I’m using Stripe as my payment gateway in WooCommerce, can I use the same account in CollabPay?
    Yes, this is the ideal way to use CollabPay.

  • I don’t want to make an unrestricted API key for Stripe, what are the permissions I need to set on a restricted key?

    CollabPay needs access to these resources:
    • Balance: read
    • Customers: write
    • Payment Links: read
    • PaymentMethods: read
    • PaymentIntents: write
    • Customers: connect write
    • All Connect resources: write
    • Customer portal: write

  • Can I set up Stripe and PayPal to pay collaborators?
    Yes, you can set up both options on your account. The collaborator will need to choose which one to be paid out with when they set up their account.

  • I’m using WooCommerce Payments, can I use this option?
    WooCommerce Payments pays directly in to your bank account and not into your Stripe account (balance). This means you will never have funds in your account to pay your collaborators.
    We recommend you use Stripe directly.

  • What are the fees involved with sending money?
    Fees vary depending on what country you are based in and if you are doing cross-border transactions.

    Please visit the Stripe Payouts pricing page to understand costs in your country.

  • My Shopify store is not using Stripe as the checkout method, can I still use this?
    Yes, Stripe is being used to pay collaborators. This happens outside of your Shopify store and with not affect any check methods you have setup.