Managing Collaborators

Recalculating earnings

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How to recalculate the earnings of collaborators

The recalculation feature allows you to recalculate the earnings on orders and payouts that are “Active” and “Pending”.

This means that if you change a percentage or flat fee value of a collaborator, then you can recalculate all of the unpaid earnings.

Important note: This only works with unpaid collaborator earnings. The orders and payouts that have been paid to the collaborators are unchangeable.

The “Recalculate earnings” feature only recalculates earnings. It does not calculate earnings for collaborators that were not initially earning on an order.

How it works with the below settings

Tax & shipping amounts

If you change these settings, then the recalculation feature will take these into play.

Changing currency

It’s not possible to change the currency of a current payout.

If you change the currency payout of your collaborator while they have an “Active” payout, then any new orders will be entered into a new payout of a different currency. That means the collaborator will have 2 payouts in “Active” status.

To change the currency of your collaborator, go to your collaborator page and adjust the currency. This will take effect for any new payouts going forward.