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Shipping cost settings

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There are three options for how CollabPay handles shipping costs. You can update your shipping cost settings at anytime.

  1. Login to CollabPay
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. Select required shipping cost option
  5. Click “Save”

1. Shipping costs are kept by the store

All shipping costs are kept by the store in order to pay the shipping fees.

2. Collaborators pay their share toward the shipping

The shipping costs are shared with the collaborators at the same value as their percentage earnings.

For example, if a collaborator earns 50% of a physical product of $10, they will earn $5 of that sale. If the shipping of that product is $10, they will also pay 50% towards the shipping cost, that is $5.
Total = $5 = $10 (product total) – $5 (shipping)

They will earn the same percentage value for shipping as they are earning from the product.

3. Pay all shipping costs to the collaborator

All shipping costs are added to the collaborators revenue split. If multiple collaborators are being paid for the same product then the shipping costs will be divided equally.

*Note – the shipping cost settings will apply across all products and collaborators, except those using a flat fee.