Effortlessly manage your stores revenue sharing with CollabPay

Automatically split & pay revenue to creators, influencers & reps from your online store sales!

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Flexible Payout Options

Customize Your Collaborator Payouts

With CollabPay, you can tailor your payout options to suit your unique business needs. Whether you want to assign earnings based on vendor, product, order tags, discount codes or customer tags, our platform provides the flexibility you need.

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Connect products to collaborators

Automated Vendor Payments

Streamline Your Payment Process

Say goodbye to manual calculations and payment distributions. CollabPay automatically pays your collaborators using PayPal or Stripe, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

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Timely Commissions

Ensure Accurate and Prompt Payments

CollabPay ensures your collaborators are paid accurately and on time, every time. With our platform, you can set the payout frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly, providing a reliable income stream for your collaborators.

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Payout settings

Detailed Vendor Reports

Maintain Transparency with Comprehensive Reports

CollabPay provides detailed vendor reports, giving you and your collaborators full visibility into earnings and payouts.

Detailed Vendor Reports

Multi-Currency Support

Expand Your Business Globally

CollabPay's multi-currency support breaks down geographical barriers, allowing you to collaborate with international partners and tap into global markets. No matter where your collaborators are based, they can receive their earnings in their local currency, eliminating the hassle of currency conversion. This feature not only simplifies the payout process but also opens up opportunities for you to work with talented individuals around the world. With CollabPay, the world truly is your marketplace.

Multi-Currency Support

Visibility Control

Maintain Full Control Over Your Business

With CollabPay, you have the power to control what your collaborators can see. Whether you're a store owner wanting to maintain privacy or a collaborator seeking transparency, our platform caters to your needs. Store owners can decide what information is visible to collaborators, ensuring business-sensitive data remains confidential. Collaborators, on the other hand, can view their earnings, attached products, and payout schedules, promoting trust and transparency.

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Visibility Control

Email Notifications

Stay Updated with Real-Time Notifications

Never miss a beat with CollabPay's real-time email notifications. Be it a sale, a payout, or a change in commissions, we keep you informed every step of the way. As a store owner, you'll be notified when payments have been made, ensuring you're always in the loop. Collaborators will receive notifications when their products have sold, providing them with timely updates on their earnings.

Order email

“We started using Collab Pay a while ago. The customer support is top notch! They are not only super responsive, they are also actually helpful. There have been a few times where what we were needing as a shop didn't exist as a feature yet on the app but sure enough within days the feature was created and worked flawlessly. I truly enjoy supporting this team since this app has saved me so much time from needing to manually allocate payments to each of our brand collaborators!”

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“This is a real time saver for my business. During the onboarding phase, we encountered some issues - some of which were user error on our side, and one of which was an actual bug in the product at the time. Not only was support very fast to respond, but they even patched the bug as soon as we reported it. As a software developer myself, this is such commendable service and support. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to share profits with collaborators on products.”

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CollabPay Demo

Interactive Demo

Experience CollabPay Firsthand

Get a feel for CollabPay's seamless revenue-sharing process with our interactive demo. Step into the shoes of a store owner, invite collaborators, place test orders, and review payouts. You can even switch to a collaborator's perspective to understand their view. Ready to dive in?

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Effortless eCommerce Integration

CollabPay is designed to effortlessly integrate with your eCommerce platform, whether it's Shopify, WooCommerce, or Squarespace. Our platform ensures smooth operation, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Shopify WooCommerce Squarespace Etsy Square Wix


Find the perfect plan for you

7-day free trial on all plans

Pay annually and get two months free!

Payment frequency


$19 $190 /month /year

  • 3 collaborators
  • Unlimited payouts per month
  • White label
  • API access
  • Advanced payouts
  • Integrate with multiple platforms
  • Onboarding and setup video call


$39 $390 /month /year

  • 10 collaborators
  • Unlimited payouts per month
  • White label
  • API access
  • Advanced payouts
  • Integrate with multiple platforms
  • Onboarding and setup video call


Most popular

$59 $590 /month /year

  • 50 collaborators
  • Unlimited payouts per month
  • White label
  • API access
  • Advanced payouts
  • Integrate with multiple platforms
  • Onboarding and setup video call


$79 $790 /month /year

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited payouts per month
  • White label
  • API access
  • Advanced payouts
  • Integrate with multiple platforms
  • Onboarding and setup video call

All prices are in USD.

How it works

Detailed flow from installation through to collaborators being paid.
Important Note

CollabPay does not handle payments directly, rather it instructs payments via PayPal or Stripe. Payouts occur directly from you to your collaborators.

If you’re a collaborator, simply get invited by a store owner and sign up for free.

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CollabPay Support

Fast and Reliable Support

We’re here to help

We understand the importance of timely assistance. That's why we are committed to providing quick response times to all your queries. Our team is dedicated to maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings, ensuring your experience with CollabPay is smooth and hassle-free.

Frequently asked questions

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Checkout our full FAQ list.

What is CollabPay?
CollabPay is an application for Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Etsy and Square that automates and simplifies the process of revenue sharing with product creators, influencers, and members of the sales team.
Can I use CollabPay to split revenue with product creators?
Yes, you can use CollabPay to automatically split revenue with product creators, for both physical and digital products. This application simplifies the process of revenue sharing and ensures that product creators receive their fair share from sales, making the entire process more efficient and transparent.
Can I use CollabPay to pay commissions to influencers?
Yes, CollabPay is designed to facilitate payments to influencers. It simplifies the process of revenue sharing, allowing you to automate and streamline payouts to influencers, product creators, and sales team members alike.
Can I use CollabPay to pay commissions to sales reps?
Absolutely, CollabPay can be effectively used to handle commissions for sales representatives. It automates the calculation (based on order tag or product sold), deduction of costs, and the payout process, making it easy for you to manage and streamline your sales team's commissions.
Will CollabPay manage my money?
No, CollabPay doesn't manage your money. It automates the calculation and payment process for product collaborators directly from your PayPal/Stripe account to theirs. The platform never holds your funds, only initiates payments based on your settings.
Do collaborators need to pay a monthly fee?
No! Only the store owner pays a fee. There are no hidden transaction fees or nasty surprises!

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