Connect Etsy to CollabPay

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Using this quick guide you can add Etsy to your CollabPay account.

  1. Sign up to CollabPay
  2. Select “Store Owner”
  3. Click the Etsy option to “Install app”

  4. This will redirect you to Etsy and ask you to connect your account to CollabPay

    After clicking “Grant access” CollabPay will be connected to your Etsy store.

Now you’re ready to get setup and start spliting profits with collaborators. See our beginner’s guide to get started.

How can I disconnect CollabPay from my Etsy store?

Head over to the integrations page and click on the “Deactivate” button to disconnect.

In your Etsy account you can all revoke access –


How often are my orders synced?

Etsy does not support syncing orders in real-time (webhooks). We sync orders every 6 hours.

How often are my products synced?

Products are synced every day, but you are able to manually sync them. See here for a guide.

Tax per sold product

Tax is not supplied from Etsy on a per order item basis – it’s calculated based on the order total and individual product price.