Connect WooCommerce to CollabPay

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Using this quick guide you can add WooCommerce to your CollabPay account.

  1. Sign up to CollabPay
  2. Select “Store owner account”
  3. Click set up next to WooCommerce

4. Install and activate the WordPress plugin

5. Copy the API Key from CollabPay and enter into the WordPress plugin

CollabPay will now show as active


  • Will the WordPress plugin work with multisite networks?
    Yes, you will need to add a new integration for each site in the network, everything will work in the same way.

  • How can I disconnect my WooCommerce store?
    Simply click the deactivate button on the integrations page. To cancel billing, you’ll need to head into the billing page and click the ‘Cancel subscription’ button.

  • Can I used CollabPay with WooCommerce subscriptions?
    Yes, everything will work fine.

  • Can I track cost of items?
    Yes, the plugin will add a cost field to all products / variations so the cost can be deducted in the calculations.