How to set up automatic payouts using PayPal on CollabPay

CollabPay uses ‘PayPal Payouts’ to pay collaborators. Before we begin, you need to set up the following:

Using PayPal Payouts will also incur a $0.25 fee to each payout. These are PayPal fees and CollabPay is not in control of this.

Connecting CollabPay with PayPal for automated payments

To get your Paypal Client ID & Secret Key, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Login to your PayPal using the developer tools

Step 2. Create the keys

  • Go to 'My Apps & Credentials'
  • Click on 'Live'
  • Click 'Create App'

Step 3. Enter the name 'CollabPay'

Step 4. Copy & paste your API keys from PayPal to CollabPay

  • Get the Client ID & Secret Key from here

  • Go to CollabPay > Settings > PayPal Payouts > Paste the Client ID & Secret Key here.

Applying for PayPal Payouts

You will need to apply to use PayPal Payouts for CollabPay automated payouts. Please go to this page to enable the setting.

  • Scroll down to here and click 'Enable'

  • Click 'Contact us' and apply for payouts

  • Scroll down and click 'Contact us'. You can either choose to call or message them. PayPal will usually get back within a few hours and process your request.