White Label Setup

Published on 7 March 2023
Updated 10 March 2023
White Label Setup
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What is White Label? White Label is a method to make the CollabPay app look like it’s part of your website. This makes it look to your users that it’s your own system that is built into your website, thus, making your store look more professional.

It allows you to change the Collabpay logo to your company’s logo and also allows you to use a subdomain to host CollabPay on your domain name.

What plan do I need?

You will need the Business plan.

How to set up the White Label

1. Go to CollabPay > Settings > White Label

white label

2. Add your logos

add logo

3. Enter your chosen domain to host the system

This is where you will be hosting the CollabPay system on your website domain. The most common use case is setting CollabPay on a subdomain under your domain name (for example – partners.example.com).

Do not include https:// in the domain.

example of name

Click “Save”.

4. DNS settings

Now you will be presented with content you must copy to your domain hosting DNS settings. For this tutorial, we are going to be using Namecheap. But the same applies to any other domain hosting DNS settings.


  1. Open a new tab in your browser
  2. Log into your domain hosting provider
  3. Go to the DNS settings for your domain

4.1 Add the CNAME

There will be a button somewhere saying to “Add new record” or similar. Click it. We will need to create a new record.

For example, on Cloudflare, it will show a blue button like this:

add record on cloudfalre

For example, on Namecheap, it will show a button like this:

add new record namecheap
  1. Copy the CNAME from CollabPay:
  1. Go back to your domain hosting and change the Type to “CNAME”.
  1. In the Host, type the subdomain you entered at the start. For our example, it was “partners”.
  2. In the Value, paste the text that you copied.
add dns
  1. Save it

4.2 Add Domain Verification

  1. Click the “Add new record” button again. We are now going to create a TXT record
txt record in namecheap
  1. Go back to the CollabPay page and copy the “Domain verification TXT name
copy this txt
  1. Go back to your DNS settings and paste it into the Host
  2. Now go back to CollabPay and copy the “Domain verification TXT value
copy txt here
  1. Now, go back to the DNS settings and paste it into the Value

4.3 Now click the “Refresh” button in CollabPay

After clicking the refresh button, the SSL verification boxes will be filled out. This is assuming that you have set up the above correctly.


4.4 Add SSL Verification

Now, you will need to do the same for SSL verification.

  1. Go back to your DNS settings and click the “Create new record” button, and choose TXT
txt record in namecheap
  1. Copy the “SSL verification TXT name” from CollabPay
copy text
  1. Paste it into the Host
  2. Copy the “SSL verification TXT value
copy this txt
  1. Paste it into the Value

4.5 Now wait for 10 minutes & then click the “Refresh” button again

You will need to wait a while for DNS settings to propagate. It’s known that it can take hours, but usually, it’s just about 10 minutes or so. You can learn more at Cloudflare’s backup schedule.


Please press the “Refresh” button to confirm the connection. You should see the “Pending” icon go to a green “Active” icon once it’s worked.

active collabpay

Now you can log into your partners page and have a play!

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