Bulk Update the Earning Amounts for Collaborators’ Products

Published on 5 January 2023
Bulk update the earning amounts for Collaborators’ products

You can change the earning amounts for all products that a Collaborator is connected to. For example, if your Collaborator is connected to 100 products, changing the percentage value from 50% to 45% would be a nightmare to do one by one. You can actually select all the products and change the percentage value in one go.

1. Go to “Collaborators” > and click on a Collaborator

Log into CollabPay and go to the Collaborators page in the top navigation. Then click on your chosen Collaborator to see all of their connected products.


2. Select the products that you wish to change the earning value & click “Update selected”

  1. Scroll down to the “Products” section
  2. Select the products that you wish to change the earning on
  3. Click “Update selected
update selected

3. Enter the new value

Here is where you can enter a new percentage or flat fee value. Once you press “Save“, it will save the new value for any new orders after this has been changed.

If you wish the new values to reflect on previous orders, then you can recalculate orders by following this guide.

enter the new value
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