26th May 2023

Added a demo version of the app, check it out before signing up.

25th May 2023

Added yearly plans – get two months for free!

24th May 2023

Improved how refunds are handled in Shopify and WooCommerce.

23rd May 2023

Added a date range search to payout and orders page to find results easier.

Added sorting to the payment date and paid date on the payouts page.

Added additional permissions to collaborators: view product cost and view product stock.

22nd May 2023

Added the ability to deduct product cost when splitting with a collaborators.

21st May 2023

Updated the WordPress plugin to add a cost field to products.

19th May 2023

Add the option to pay all the shipping to collaborators.

5th May 2023

Ability to re-send the collaborator invite email from the collaborator page.

4th May 2023

Added collaborator sales notifications.

28th April 2023

Add Income to payouts. You are now able to add expenses and income to any unpaid payout – adjusting the payout total.

13th April 2023

Update to latest Shopify API version – this allows for many payment gateways to be used.

10th April 2023

White label improvements. Added ability to send emails from own custom email address. All emails will also include custom branding (logos and name).

5th April 2023

Added billing and shipping address to orders and collaborators visibility controls.

7th March 2023

Added white label.

28th February 2023

Updated tax on shipping amounts.

10th February 2023

Display when an order has been refunded.

2nd February 2023

Added Squarespace integration.

31st January 2023

Improved infrastructure for Shopify webhooks – more reliable.

28th January 2023

Add ability to remove all products attached to a collaborator.

25th January 2023

Bulk attaching products to collaborators.

12th December 2022

Improve the breakdown on orders to be easy to read and understand.

24th November 2022

Add Stripe as a payout method.

18th November 2022

Add WooCommerce as an integration.

8th November 2022

Added the ability to re-calculate orders.

11th October 2022

Added order tags feature that allows collaborators to earn only from orders with tags.

07th October 2022

Added the Gateway Costs feature.

Add the ability to pay tax amounts to the collaborators.

28th September 2022

We now track PayPal transaction fees and display on the payout page.

11th August 2022

Add ability to export payouts to a CSV.

12th January 2022

CollabPay was lanuched.