Frequently asked questions

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How do I add a collaborator to my product?
Add a collaborator to your stores CollabPay account by:
  • Going to CollabPay app
  • Products page
  • Click on a product you want to
  • Click on the ‘Add new collaborator’ button
How often are orders synced from my store to CollabPay?
Once a day.
Can I add multiple collaborators to a single product?
Yes! This is where CollabPay works wonders. You can add as many collaborators to a single product as you want. As long as it is within your plan limits.
Does CollabPay automatically include sales prices?
Yes. CollabPay reads the exact price amounts directly from your store. This includes any discounts or sales that were on the order total.
How are refunds treated using CollabPay?
If a payout has not been completed and the order is cancelled/refunded then the amount will be removed from the payout. If the payout has already been paid then we create a negative charge on the next payout to account for the costs.
Does CollabPay have the ability to calculate the sales tax e.g. VAT, GST?
Yes, you can toggle this from the account settings page.
Why is there a shipping box that shows up when selecting a flat fee for the Collaborator?

When you want to include the shipping cost within the split to the collaborators, we need a method for both the percentage and flat fee:

Method 1 - When using percentages When using percentages, the app can automatically calculate the percentage split of the shipping too. This applies if you want the split to include the shipping cost. If you don’t want it to include the shipping cost and you want to deduct the shipping total before the split takes place, then no percentage will apply to the shipping price.

Method 2 - When using flat fee When using flat fee, it's not possible to calculate a flat fee price for the shipping, as well as a flat fee for the total price. That means CollabPay gives you the ability to enter this additionally to allow the collaborator to earn a flat fee price for the shipping.

How do I share shipping costs with Collaborators?

If you are using percentages and you want to share shipping costs with collaborators, go to Settings > Accounts > set the Shipping amounts to "Yes". This will then calculate a percentage of the shipping to share with the collaborators.

Flat fee

When assigning a flat fee to a Collaborator, a shipping box will appear which allows you to set a different flat fee rate for the shipping cost. This allows you to pay a fee of the shipping cost to each Collaborator.

How do I link my PayPal account?
View more detailed tutorial
Can PayPal Payouts pay using a bank account or card?
No, PayPal Payouts does not allow payouts to take place using your bank account or card. They only allow payouts from your PayPal funds. The best practice is to have PayPal as a payment gateway on your store, so the PayPal account is automatically funded. View more details on PayPal Payout features.
Are my products automatically synced when connecting an integration?
Yes, once you have integrated your store, your products will automatically be synced into CollabPay.
Can I set a payout time frame of my choice?
Yes you can set payout time frames from whenever you like.
How do I verify my PayPal account?
You only need to do this if you are a store account. Go to Settings > PayPal Setup and then follow the steps.
Will your app slow down my store?
No. We are not part of your store/theme code.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at any time?
Yes, anytime!
Do collaborators need to pay a monthly fee?
Nope! Only the store owner pays the fees.