Automate Affiliate Payouts with CollabPay

Automate Shopify affiliate payments with customizable frequency and methods. Real-time notifications. Coming soon for WordPress affiliates.

How to Split Profits of a Product in 3 Easy Steps with Shopify

Pay your Shopify affiliates automatically with customizable payout frequency, payment methods and real-time payout notifications.

Coming soon for WordPress.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates promote your business’s products or services in exchange for a commission. Affiliates receive a unique link or promo code to share with their audience, and when someone makes a purchase or completes a desired action using that link, the affiliate earns a commission.

How do affiliates get paid?

That’s where CollabPay comes in.

Everytime your product sells as a result of an affiliate referral, CollabPay will automatically create a payout to your affiliate. With customisable payout frequency, payment methods and real-time notifications, CollabPay takes the hassle out of managing affiliate commissions.

How to use CollabPay to manage your affiliate payouts

CollabPay is a simple and low-cost option for managing affiliate payouts. Simply install the CollabPay app and invite your affiliates. For full setup details see How to set up CollabPay – Beginner’s Guide.

For details on how to invite your affiliates (referred to as collaborators) see How to add a Collaborator in CollabPay.

Setup your affiliate references, so that your affiliates automatically earn commissions when an order comes from their affiliate URL. For full setup details see Advanced Connected Products.

Select commission percentage or flat fee. This can be edited at any time. For more details see Select Their Earnings.

Select the payout frequency, or set a specific date for payouts to occur. For more details see Payout Frequency.

Payment options

CollabPay enables payouts via either PayPal Payouts or Stripe Payouts.

How does it work?

CollabPay connects with your PayPal or Stripe account. This allows CollabPay to automatically pay the earnings from your PayPal or Stripe account directly to the affiliate’s account.

CollabPay does not take any commissions, nor does it hold your money. It only initiates the transaction from your account to the affiliate’s account.

Learn more about how CollabPay works.

Available on shopify now

CollabPay is now available to manage affiliate payouts from all shopify store orders.

WordPress affiliate payouts are coming soon!

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