How to View Payouts for Shopify Payments in 10 Seconds

Published on 28 August 2022
Updated 26 April 2023
How to View Payouts for Shopify Payments
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Businesses use Shopify Payments in their stores because it is easy to set up to accept customer payments. It also has some amazing features for customers, such as a ShopPay account, shipping tracking, autofill features and more.

If you also use this on your website, you might wonder how to see when you’ll get paid. 

Payouts for Shopify Payments are visible under the “Payments” section located in “Settings”. You can then click the “View Payouts” button to see your payments. There are three statuses of payments – failed, in transit, and paid.

Here’s a simple guide to show you how to view payouts when you use Shopify Payments. It also covers three payment statuses and what they mean.

Steps to view payouts when using Shopify Payments

Below are four steps you need to follow to see payouts if you’re using Shopify Payments.

  1. Go to the Shopify dashboard page
  2. From the sidebar on the left, select Settings
  3. Click Payments
  4. Under Shopify Payments, you’ll find a View Payouts button. Click it.

Now, you’ll get an overview of all the payouts from your Shopify store.

Payout Status

When you look at your payouts, you’ll see one of the following statuses.

  • FailedThe payment didn’t go through. As a result, you didn’t receive the amount. 
  • In Transit Shopify is processing the payment. You’ll receive it when the platform completes this process.
  • PaidShopify completed processing the payment. You’ll have to wait for your bank to clear the amount from their end. 

What should you do if a payout fails?

If one of the payouts didn’t go through, you’d receive a notification on your Shopify account. There will also be an email from Shopify highlighting the failed payment. 

Shopify will give you an apparent reason why the payout didn’t go through. 

Once you rectify the error, select Retry Payout

If you continue to see Payout Failed despite correcting the issue from your side, contact Shopify Support using Live Chat, email, phone, or the Shopify community. 

Visit Shopify Help Center and scroll to the bottom until you see the Contact Shopify support button.  You need to log in to your account and select the store. Click on Money and select the appropriate subtopic depending on the current problem you’re facing. 

View payouts using third-party payment gateways

What if you use third-party payment gateways like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal? In this case, you won’t see any payout-related information on Shopify.

Generally, the third-party payment gateway provider will redirect you to their website to see the payments, so it is best to do that.

Final thoughts

You can view your payouts for Shopify Payments in Settings under the Payment section. If you use third-party payment gateways, they have different ways to see the payouts.

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